ABOUT - So-SoPhoto

Hello there!

My name is Rob Gayman. I live in Oregon, USA. I work at a local ski area where I manage the slope grooming operations.

Hiking, camping, skiing, reading sci-fi, electronica and observing/photographing wildlife and birds are some of my interests. My true passion, however is international travel - I've been very fortunate to have been able to take 3 months (or more) off every year for most of my life to visit countries and regions in the world I've never before been to.

Though a relatively recent interest (10 years, approximately), photography has added an additional enjoyable element to all of the above things for me. I make no claim to be a professional photographer, but every now and then I luck out and get what I feel is a good shot or two.

I'm available to be contacted if you have any questions about my photography, work or anything else.

I appreciate you visiting my site.